Skinsight has information on many common skin conditions and their treatment. There is a nice collection of images of these skin conditions, which can help users recognize skin conditions and distinguish one from another. Consumers can search the site by condition or location and filter the results by age and gender. The site is recommended for consumers who seek quick, easy-to-read information on a variety of skin conditions. However, the user will have to separate it from all the irrelevant conditions.

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Review Date: 11/8/2019


Ease of Use

Technical terms are all explained in lay terminology, and the materials here are consistently geared toward a general reader seeking clear explanations of skin disorders. And the landing page helpfully allows visitors to search for skin conditions by image and/or body part affected. Although searchable, the "Health Topics" section is only organized chronologically.

Visual Design

Visually, the site is bare but not too simplistic. Absent of clutter and jarring colors, this website instead allows users to focus on the content itself. The clean, minimalist design does have one notable flaw: an oversized footer which stands out awkwardly.


Skinsight content covers the diagnosis, treatment, and medical/support services for individuals with common dermatological conditions. There is a large collection of images, the most helpful tool in dermatology. The health topics section has a limited number of entries which seem arbitrarily chosen. Unfortunately, much of the content is only remotely related to dermatology and detracts from the site. The condition section only references textbooks, most published more than 15 years ago. Health topics have a variety of references, but the majority are medical news reports, review articles, and medical websites.


This "Skin Conditions" section credits all four of its authors on a single page, all four are board-certified dermatologists. Each article in the "Health Topics" section has an individual author credited, with most being physicians. The "Skin Conditions" section, the bulk of the site, is only referenced by outdated textbooks without any indication of when the information was written or reviewed. The "Health Topics" section, a smaller part of the site content, is regularly reviewed and updated.


  1. Abundance of images related to specific skin conditions keeps the reader engaged
  2. Helpful information about many common skin conditions and treatments
  3. Most of the site's authors are board-certified physicians


  1. The topics chosen for the health section are very limited and seem arbitrarily chosen
  2. Information in the skin conditions section may be very outdated
  3. Overall content contains too much information that is only remotely related to dermatology
  4. Brief materials are good for general reader but too shallow for deep dives
  5. The website advertises the sponsors products


Sponsors / Affiliations: VisualDx, a for-profit producer of clinical decision support system software intended for medical practitioners

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Skin condition finder, professionals section with a more comprehensive list of conditions

Languages: English

Contact: 1-800-357-7611