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Society of Thoracic Surgeons – Patient Information

Society of Thoracic Surgeons - Patient Information is an excellent site to visit for people wanting to learn about presentation and surgery for many adult heart diseases, congenital heart diseases, and lung, esophageal, & other chest diseases. Users will find informational materials on heart & lung transplantation and what to expect before, during, & after surgery. The site is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning about surgical transplants and any of the 27 conditions included.

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Review Date: 12/20/2019


Ease of Use

Topics are broken down into manageable sections of text. Major categories are distinct from one another, as well as easily browsed subtopics. Users are able to jump easily from one section to another. Patient-specific search bar.

Visual Design

Sleek and colorful visual design. Various types of presentation make the pages more interesting. Videos and illustration within each topic improve the value of the topics.


Individual topics are detailed and informative, but users may not find some conditions they are looking for. Articles are lacking references to substantiate the source of the information, but validity is established by the thoracic surgeons reviewing topics where they have experience. The overall usefulness of the site is not significantly affected by excluding rare disorders.


The Society of Thoracic Surgeons is doing an excellent job of maintaining the integrity of the site. Frequent updates by medical experts assure that topics reflect the most recent developments in the field. Users can easily find the topic editors & their credentials that provide high level of authority to the content.


  1. Each of the major conditions associated with the heart, lungs, and throat are covered in depth
  2. Visually-appealing multimedia resources such as images and videos advance understanding
  3. Plain language used to explain the workings of some of the body's more complex processes and mechanics


  1. Only covers 27 conditions, not the gamut of possible heart, lung, and throat diseases or surgeries


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Society of Thoracic Surgeons is a nonprofit organization founded in 1964, and supported by individual and corporate donors

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Additional Features: Blog, news coverage, trending topics, links to related topics and other resources, STS Risk Calculator

Languages: English, Spanish

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