Spina Bifida Association

The Spina Bifida Association serves adults and children diagnosed with spina bifida by providing resources for services, educational resources, advocacy, and information on research, and service. This websiste is recommended as an excellent collection of resources putting users in touch with other websites, programs, and organizations that are both beneficial and authoritative.

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Review Date: 6/4/2018


Ease of Use

The "Learn" drop down menu organizes information well by using headings to separate general information from resources. The "Information For..." heading filters content for specific audiences like "Tweens & Teens, "Expectant Parents," "Professionals," and "Educators." Once deeper into the website, clickable subtopics lead to slow loading pages, broken links, and content that doesn't match the heading.

Visual Design

Many scrolling images on the homepage are distracting and make it unclear where to look first. Large dark font for the headings separate medium size chunks of bland gray text that isn't pleasing to the eye. The web design isn't spectacular, but overall it does allow users to reach the desired information—for the most part.


The resources are very important to people with spina bifida, their loved ones, and caretakers. The information is not referenced and some topics lack depth. Overall, there are excellent materials that deal with everyday issues for people with this condition.


Last copyright date was 2015, which may indicate outdated content. Information pages and fact sheets are not dated, which prevents users from knowing how recent the materias are. Information comes from the Spina Bifida Association National Resource Center, a highly credible organization.


  1. Materials sorted by audience
  2. Featured topics include bowel/bladder care, family planning, housing, etc.
  3. Health sheets contain more detailed information
  4. User-friendly writing for many audiences


  1. Some non-functioning pages and tabs lead to wrong page
  2. Slow-loading pages leave users waiting in suspense
  3. Areas where information lacks depth


Sponsors / Affiliations: Spina Bifida Association of America, a national nonprofit advocacy organization established in 1973

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Treatment locator, downloadable health sheets, glossary, expert Q&A

Languages: English, Spanish