TED Ed Lessons – Health

TED-Ed is an offshoot of the popular TED Talk series, and this section in particular hosts dozens of videos on health-related topics. The videos here are either created/produced by TED-Ed or chosen from submissions based on quality and ability to entertain. The site is recommended as a fun resource for educational lessons on various health topics to stimulate thinking about health creatively.

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Review Date: 11/19/2018


Ease of Use

This landing page is easy to browse. It simply lists tiles of the different videos in this section, spanning roughly 13 pages at the time of this review. Unfortunately there's not enough content to look for specific information, and this page is better browsed.

Visual Design

This page is pretty basic, with emphasis falling on the various videos collected in the health section. The videos themselves are highly engaging and incorporate both static and dynamic visual aids.


The videos here are entertaining and informative, and visitors are sure to find some topic(s) of interest. However, the site is intended to cover only the most basic concepts and is not an exhaustive resource. Most videos lack references and citations, so it can be difficult to assess the accuracy of claims.


Credentials are rarely provided for the persons responsible for video content, though names are included. These contributors may include distinguished TED speakers and fellows, educations, designers, animators, directors, editors, and more. So while it's possible the creators are health professionals, the website does not offer evidence designating them as such.


  1. Videos are accessible, concise, and entertaining
  2. Incorporates intriguing visuals and detailed infographics
  3. Speakers are uniformly clear and insightful


  1. Inventory of health-related videos is small and some are only marginally related
  2. Site does not indicate how videos or topics are selected
  3. Video creators are identified but without information on credentials


Sponsors / Affiliations: TED Conferences LLC, a media organization established in 1984 that publishes free videos related to technology, education, and design

Accreditations: None

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