Teen Mental Health

Teen Mental Health provides user-friendly and age-appropriate mental health resources for young adults. It is a valuable collection of mental health information including articles, videos, downloadable brochures, and links to outside resources.

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Review Date: 10/10/2018


Ease of Use

The website offers a straightforward browsing experience with a clearly labelled navigation bar and bold calls-to-action. However, subtopics related to mental health seem randomly chosen. The site's search bar does not appear to return the most relevant results first, nor are there filtering options. The website often loads slower than average as well.

Visual Design

Teen Mental Health features an excellent visual design implementing many of the latest web design trends. It appeals to the younger audience targeted by its content, with slick visuals, well-integrated functions, and plenty of multimedia content.


This website's content can be uneven. The mental health topics explored appear to be randomly chosen. And when explored, these topics are covered in varying depth. The website does link to reputable source and authoritative perspectives to ensure high quality.


The site has a good number of downloadable brochures, all of which cite authors. However, only Dr. Kutcher is identified as being responsible for the website's remaining content, including videos. News and blog posts are current, but the use of publication dates is inconsistent and therefore some content may be outdated.


  1. Conditions are broken down into various issues centered around questions readers might have
  2. Materials are appropriately geared toward patients, parents, friends, educators, and medical professionals
  3. Extensive educational publications on adolescent mental health issues available for purchase


  1. The content lacks breadth, and information can be superficial
  2. Resources for seeking help are Canada-based
  3. A single physician seems responsible for most of the content


Sponsors / Affiliations: Dr. Stan Kutcher, the Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health and the Director World Health Organization Collaborating Centre in Mental Health Policy and Training at Dalhousie University

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: News, videos, online forum, blogs, slideshows

Languages: English, French