The American Migraine Foundation

The American Migraine Foundation puts users in touch with helpful information on how to cope with migraine pain and understanding the different types and causes of headaches. The content is easy to navigate and read, and the website takes time to explore the different causes of migraine headaches so that users can understand the complexity of this condition. This website is recommended as an excellent resource on all issues related to migraine headaches.

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Review Date: 5/21/2018


Ease of Use

This website is both easy to navigate and understand. Users will have no trouble browsing the various categories provided. Thankfully the website does not overload users with information, giving just enough information without going into unnecessary depth. Some pages feature two search bars, one strangely placed in the middle of the page.

Visual Design

The site's homepage is professionally designed, presenting visitors with a large, distressing image to set the tone. The website contains plenty of images and videos without the clutter of advertisements. And a bold purple font for subtopic headings makes the website easy to scan, although the main text font is quite small.


Content on the American Migraine Foundation touches on many topics related to living with migraines. The website covers treatment options, lifestyle tips, and relevant resources. Visitors will likely be interested in the way the website covers migraine topics like a blog, focusing on practical and relevant concerns with frequent postings.


Individual articles on the site are dated, but authors are only occasionally included. Those that are have attained the appropriate credentials. There is no list of authors/editors or an advisory board identified either, which hurts the website's transparency.


  1. Site is organized around clear, manageable topics
  2. Visual design is excellent, with sharp graphics, pleasant colors, and a good sense of balance and harmony
  3. Content gives just enough information without going into unnecessary depth and detail
  4. Written materials are readable, medically accurate, and helpful


  1. Authors and editors rarely identified
  2. Articles are not organized under subtopics making it difficult to locate specific information
  3. Some corporate sponsorship


Sponsors / Affiliations: American Migraine Foundation, a nonprofit research/advocacy organization established in 2010 by the American Headache Society

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Educational brochures, treatment center finder, neurologist finder, video library, news

Languages: English