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The DANA Foundation supports brain research and provides published information about all aspects of the brain, including anatomy, function, and medical problems. This website is recommended for evidence-based brain information and research updates.

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Review Date: 6/4/2018


Ease of Use

Two sets of category tabs at the top of the page prevent clear and consistent paths to content. The user can choose from the smaller tabs for audience-specific information. There is a good amount of information here, but it is poorly organized and hidden in lengthy subtopic lists.

Visual Design

Cluttered homepage with many tabs, links, and videos to click make it hard to know where to begin. The dark background makes white blocks of text pop out appealingly. Some pages contain lengthy text that is hard on the eye. Otherwise there seems to be a dedicated effort to include images and appealing graphical elements.


Information on specific topics is useful for consumers, but is scattered throughout various sources and locations, making it difficult to assess its breadth. The content is well referenced. Each page provides either a reference list or citations within the site's research. There's a wealth of quality materials here if users can figure out a way to find them all.


Health content here is consistently reviewed, updated, and expanded by neurology experts. Articles include author name, credentials, posting dates, and links to references which are consistently credible and evidence-based. The website is a highly credible source of brain research and educational materials.


  1. Numerous articles and age-appropriate materials about all aspects of the brain
  2. "Kids" section stands out with educational games and interactive virtual labs sorted by education level and subject
  3. Blog is regularly updated and covers various areas of brain science, neuroethics, research, etc. in user-friendly language
  4. Broad array of other materials that are frequently updated and cover an ever-changing rotation of topics
  5. Articles always include links to references which are consistently credible and evidence-based


  1. Although there are audience-specific articles, they are scattered throughout various sections, including "Briefing Papers," "Primers," "Report on Progress," and "Q&A with Neuroscientists."
  2. Some pages feature a lighter font that is difficult to read
  3. The site is geared toward presenting recent research and limited to topics chosen by the authors


Sponsors / Affiliations: The DANA Foundation, a private philanthropy organization founded in 1950

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Blog, monthly magazine, newsletter, videos, webinars, podcasts, public forums, glossary, neuroscientist Q&A, downloadable brochures/fact sheets, interactive games, educational lessons plans

Languages: English