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The Glaucoma Research Foundation

The Glaucoma Research Foundation gives glaucoma patients facts about the disease, treatment methods, and updates on research. Though technical at times, the site is useful for users looking to explore the details of this eye condition. It is recommended as a reliable source of glaucoma information.

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Review Date: 5/17/2018


Ease of Use

A large navigation menu at the top of the page is tailored to those who have been recently diagnosed with glaucoma. Text is easy to read and is presented in manageable segments with topic headings. Some of the site's organization of topics is confusing. Information on diet and exercise, for example, is found within the "alternative medicine" category.

Visual Design

A high contrast toolbar and bright images draw the user into a website filled with images and videos. Text size and contrast can be modified easily on the top of the homepage. The website's design does appear dated, but overall the Glaucoma Research Foundation features some strong visual elements.


This website provides high quality information A few articles are referenced, but the rest rely on the expert opinion of the author. Visitors can expect to learn about virtually any health topic as it relates to glaucoma.


Articles contain up-to-date information that is reviewed frequently, with a date of last review included on every page. Qualified authors are identified for most individual articles, but occasionally that information is difficult to locate.


  1. Provides concise information on important glaucoma topics including treatment and research
  2. Intuitive organization makes for an easy browsing experience
  3. Articles contain up-to-date information that is reviewed frequently


  1. Information on diet and exercise is strangely organized under the "alternative medicine" category
  2. Surgery options could be more clearly organized
  3. Some of the written content may be too technical for a general audience


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Glaucoma Research Foundation, a nonprofit research organization established in 1978

Accreditations: Charity Navigator 4-Star Charity, BBB-accredited charity

Additional Features: Videos, Q&A, ophthalmologist finder, financial support, news, blogs, podcasts, webinars, e-newsletter, glossary, patient stories

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: question@glaucoma.org