The International Essential Tremor Foundation

The International Essential Tremor Foundation serves as an information hub for essential tremor, which is currently the most common movement disorder. There is information in various forms and depth about essential tremor and its treatment for patients and families, providers, and advocates. The website is recommended a good, but difficult to navigate, source of information about essential tremor.

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Review Date: 1/28/2020


Ease of Use

Many pages feature an overwhelming amount of buttons that lead to different areas of the website. Browsing time is slowed considerably because of the site's layout, which requires a lot of unnecessary scrolling. Search results only filter by date, which adds to the difficulty in locating specific information.

Visual Design

The colors used in the site's design are bright and inviting but feel dated. Thumbnail photos on the homepage accompany each topic, and the images are vibrant and draw the eye in. However, they are stock images that are only vaguely related to the topic. The same color pallet is used throughout the site and for tabs and links to additional information within a topic. Overall the website feels dated, but the visual design does not hamper the user's experience too much.


The website is a reliable source for credible information on essential tremor, which is its primary focus, and for general information on neurological disorders. A potential detraction for users is the site's focus on donating and on volunteer/advocate opportunities. All other content feels secondary, despite being accurate and detailed.


Content is written by medical experts whose names and credentials are usually included on each article. Most references used were published within the past few years, which helps to ensure currency. Patient handouts only list copyright dates and may be outdated since some are at least 8 years old. There are no dates on most other articles. Blog entries provide author credentials and dates of publication.


  1. Patient-focused materials are easy to understand
  2. Materials written by medical experts whose names and credentials are included at the bottom of each page
  3. Handouts and articles come in a variety of detail to suit individual preference


  1. The site's visual design is outdated and awkward to use in some areas
  2. Most of the content does not have dates for last review or update and may be outdated
  3. The information is scattered all over the site and it is difficult to zero in on what topics and level of detail you are seeking


Sponsors / Affiliations: The International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF), a worldwide nonprofit organization founded in 1988

Accreditations: GuideStar Seal of Transparency (2017)

Additional Features: Videos, support groups, webinars

Languages: Primarily English, but many free and downloadable patient materials are also provided in Spanish, French, German