The International OCD Foundation

The International OCD Foundation is a good place to find relevant, accurate, and user-friendly content about obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)and finding help for OCD. There is child-specific information, helpful information about conditions that have overlapping symptoms with OCD or that have symptoms that can be mistaken for OCD, and content for families of people with OCD. The site is recommended for its comprehensive and detailed information about all aspects of OCD and related conditions.

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Review Date: 12/24/2019


Ease of Use

Patient educational materials and resources can be accessed easily from the home page under "Find Help" and "Learn More About OCD." The upper ribbon organizes additional content into sections with dropdown menus that allow users to quickly find other material, such as brochures & fact sheets, hints about finding care, and sponsored programs. The search function brings up blog posts and resources, but does not search other educational material. A right side menu allows for easy access to additional information and resources.

Visual Design

The home page is redundant, in that pages can be reached from both a ribbon and tiles. The appearance ot topic sections is basic and contains mostly text. The text is large and easy to read.


The International OCD Foundation site has very comprehensive and detailed content that is everything users need to understand this complicated condition. The information is informative and referenced, with each article having at least 1-2 references, although most are quite old. Reliable sources like the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association may also be cited. The depth & breadth of this site make it one of the best for those seeking reliable information and resources for OCD.


Although no individual authors are credited, there is a very qualified Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board, many of who are featured in the videos embedded into the topics. Since posting dates are not found and some of the downloadable materials haven't been updated in ten years, users need to be aware of the possibility that much of the content may not reflect the current understanding of & approach to OCD. Accuracy of resources can only be inferred from the 2019 copyright date.


  1. Comprehensive educational content that includes definitions & examples of obsessions & compulsions, causes, diagnosis, & treatment of OCD, and links to local resources & support
  2. Discussion of conditions that have overlapping symptoms with OCD, such as hoarding, or that have symptoms that can be mistaken for OCD, such as Tourette's syndrome
  3. Articles written by mental health professionals and researchers who are experts in OCD and related disorders that incorporate the latest research and scientific developments


  1. Some content may not be current, since there are no dates on content and some downloadable brochures are either not dated or haven't been updated over ten years
  2. Only a few expert articles are written per year


Sponsors / Affiliations: The International OCD Foundation, a donor-supported nonprofit organization founded in 1986

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Find a therapist, clinic, treatment program, support group, and/or organization specializing in OCD, collection of OCD-related tools, videos & podcasts, fact sheets & brochures, blogs, newsletter

Languages: English