The Jed Foundation

The Jed Foundation has two purposes: promoting mental health awareness and preventing suicide. They accomplish this goal by creating well written educational materials and offering programs & services to high-schools and colleges that address mental health and suicide, including Half of Us and ULifeline. This site is recommended for high-school and college students needing information about and help for mental illness.

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Review Date: 12/27/2019


Ease of Use

The home page is organized under two headings, "JED Signature Programs" and "News & Issues." Putting the cursor over "MENU" in the upper right hand corner reveals the sections, clicking on the down arrow reveals the subsections, and clicking on the subsection name brings you to that page. Some sections describe programs that can be instituted at schools, others present detailed information, while some link to additional information or resources. Some content descriptions do not reflect the type of section content.

Visual Design

The blue and white color scheme throughout is organizing, and easy on the eyes. Images seem to be made dark deliberately so that white text pops out. The homepage features a large dark image with huge white font that describes the intention of the website.


Here users will find a large & very valuable collection with instructions for what to do for various situations, detailed information about emotional well-being and 13 mental health conditions, and lists of essential resources. The articles are brief, but informative, and appropriate for most readers. Articles are lacking references to substantiate the source and validity of the information. Despite this, the organization has received many honors for their resources that indicate a high level of dependability.


The Jed Foundation has left a lot of room for improvement to increase the credibility of the educational content of this site. A sense of authority is not possible when there is no indication of those responsible for this content. The same is true for how up-to-date the information is when articles do not contain review dates. On the other hand blogs, news, & newsletters are all recent and cite qualified external contributors.


  1. Educational material that is well written a manageable amount of information and videos to enhance the learning experience
  2. Access to valuable programs & services for high-school and college students
  3. Links to additional information and resources


  1. Search results mix articles, award information, and materials regarding the foundation itself without distinguishing between them or the ability to sort
  2. Organization requiring multiple clicks makes specific information difficult to find
  3. The articles could contain more detail to better understand the condition


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit charity organization founded in 2000

Accreditations: Charity Navigator 4-star charity, Guide Star - Platinum Seal of Transparency (2019)

Additional Features: Mental health evaluator, press releases, blog, newsletter, links to related articles, videos, & websites, helpline

Languages: English