The Medicare Rights Center

The Medicare Rights Center ensures that older adults and people with disabilities have accurate information about Medicare. This website is recommended to anyone interested in learning more about the Medicare system, especially those preparing for enrollment. This website is also useful for volunteers or those seeking to be more involved at the policy level.

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Review Date: 5/24/2018


Ease of Use

Users can browse various resources, programs, and updates on healthcare policy using the content tabs at the top of each page. To access Medicare information, the consumer must dig into the Resources tab under "Medicare Interactive." Collapsible menus break the information up, which is presented in large text with dark font. There are multimedia resources, especially videos, that break down issues related to Medicare in a user-friendly manner.

Visual Design

The visual design here is basic but functional. The homepage features a good amount of open white space with images promoting Medicare advocacy and education. The visual design is straightforward and not uncessesarily flashy.


Medicare is covered very well on this website. Although the website is more focused on the public policy aspect of Medicare, this website provides quality information. The site's owners make sure to provide context for this health insurance program as well as more practical tips.


My Medicare Matters does not credit its authors or editors, but staff and Board of Directors are identified. Aside from the website's copyright date, pages do not feature any dates of publication or revision.


  1. Clear and organized content allow readers to easily browse information about Medicare, such as prerequisites, choosing individual plans, and enrollment
  2. Links to many national and local healthcare insurance resources and programs
  3. Simple visual design guides users to relevant information without distraction
  4. Lively blog provides valuable, up-to-date information in reader-friendly language
  5. Noteworthy e-newsletter covers important questions submitted by users to help navigate the ins-and-outs of Medicare


  1. More detailed information, such as online courses and training programs need to be purchased
  2. Some content may not be current since the content is not dated


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Medicare Rights Center, a national nonprofit advocacy organization established in 1989

Accreditations: GuideStar Platinum Seal of Approval, Charity Navigator 4-star charity

Additional Features: Videos, news coverage, newsletter, national helpline, downloadable brochures, blog, Q&A

Languages: English