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The National Sleep Foundation is a recommended source of sleep information and advocacy. There is a wide range of information on more specific issues like sleeping while depressed, circadian rhythm disorders, insomnia, sleep related breathing disorders, sleep related movement disorders, teens, & sleep, sleep & travel, and sleep tools. Users can also search for sleep professionals by location.

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Review Date: 6/4/2018


Ease of Use

Users only have to scroll down the homepage to access dozens of sleep-related articles, although they are presented randomly. By clicking on the category tabs "Sleep Disorders" or "Sleep Topics," another wall of articles appears, but at least each article has a topic heading. Article layout is inconsistent but each type has a helpful organizational structure. Using the search bar returns a long list of unsorted results.

Visual Design

The homepage is cluttered with images, articles, and advertisements. There is a jumble of colors, and images of different shapes and sizes are crammed on the page. Large clear font is easy to read but advertisements interrupt the text.


There is information on a good range of sleep topics, but some pages are too shallow and hardly any information is referenced. It is unclear to what extent the website's content could be biased by commercial interests. As a source of random articles related to sleep health, this website is worth taking a look.


Individual authors are provided for some article, but not all. Further, there are no posting dates found on across the site, making it very difficult to determine currency. The National Sleep Foundation appears to be a credible organization, although very little information about it is provided on the website.


  1. Easy to understand materials organized well for quick browsing
  2. Offers a nice balance between introductory materials and more advanced topics
  3. Explains sometimes complex topics in brief, easy-to-read paragraphs


  1. Some of the articles are shallow and fail to give advice outside "talk to your primary care doctor"
  2. Search bar brings up a list of appropriate information, but also advertisements for products related to the search
  3. Sleep specialist-locator tool returns irrelevant providers, in some cases dentists, all of whom pay a membership fee to be listed


Sponsors / Affiliations: The National Sleep Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit founded in 1990

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Sleep Health journal, sleep assessment tool, sleep specialist locator

Languages: Available in 50+ languages