The People’s Pharmacy

The People's Pharmacy, run by a duo of syndicated newspaper columnists, provides information on common prescription drug interactions and side effects along with possible supplemental alternatives. There is also information about generic drugs, drug withdrawal, and home remedies. The website is a recommended medication resource, but it mainly a news-style approach best suited to browsing than seeking specific information about medications. Readers should be aware of the site's commercial motive to the content.

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Review Date: 1/28/2020


Ease of Use

Category tabs are divided into drug information, home remedies to common ailments, health concerns such as conditions, and condition-specific health guides. Clicking on "Drug Information," Home Remedies, or an individual condition like diabetes returns a list of blog posts ordered only by date of publication, not relevance. Entering "diabetes" into the site's search bar returns over 1,000 results with no prioritization or filter options among them.

Visual Design

This website has a professional and sleek design with an excellent use of color. All articles include an image, and the font is easy to read against the background. Overall a pleasant visual experience.


Content appears limited to authors's interest and answers to questions submitted to the website. When commenting on scientific studies the authors frequently highlight possible findings without commenting on studies addressing other perspectives. Much of the content is based on opinion and on alternative treatment, including home remedies, natural supplements, and use of medications for reasons they are not approved for.


Neither of the website's two authors are credentialed health experts; one has a master's degree in pharmacology, while the other holds a PhD in Anthropology. New articles are constantly being posted and all articles show posting dates, but no evidence of content review. Visitors will immediately notice the website's commercial motivations.


  1. Pleasant visual design, readable font, and responsive web pages
  2. Thousands of articles on drug information, home remedies, and common health conditions like Alzheimer's, celiac disease, hives, vitamin deficiency, weight control, etc.
  3. Each week, anywhere between 10-15 new articles are published


  1. Most health articles promote a product of some sort
  2. Many of the free materials are anecdotal or lacking scientific rigor
  3. Many articles "cherry pick" information from scientific abstracts, highlighting possible findings without addressing doubts
  4. Neither of the website's two authors are credentialed health experts on a wide variety of topics; one has a master's degree in pharmacology, while the other holds a PhD in Anthropology


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