TherapyTribe helps users locate information on and resources for a number of specific mental health conditions. Users can search for therapists and support based on specific conditions and location. This recommended website also provides general information about psychotherapy and types of counseling, specific mental health conditions, and tools for choosing a provider.

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Review Date: 5/14/2018


Ease of Use

Visitors can locate relevant mental health professionals with the click of a button. Health content is organized by topic, and the site's dropdown menus provide guidance on what to expect and where to find relevant content. Overall a straightforward, logical website.

Visual Design

Appealing images, soothing colors, and a professional design give users a lot to look at and appreciate. The homepage helpfully lays out the website's various functions in a clear and engaging manner.


Content is helpful for those seeking counseling, but listings are incomplete and leave out a majority of practicing therapists in any given area. There is only brief, general information about psychotherapy and types of counseling, specific mental health conditions, and how to choose a provider. None of the information is referenced, but it does appear to be accurate.


Mental health overviews do not identify authors or sources, and they also lack dates of publication/review. There is limited information provided about the TherapyTribe organization. Therefore, it is difficult to assess how credible the website is. It is clear, however, that only therapists who pay a monthly subscription are featured on TherapyTribe, which introduces a level of bias and limits the site's utility.


  1. Clear and distinct categories quickly guide users through the site's various components
  2. Helps users locate therapists as well as learn about common mental health diagnoses
  3. "Find a Therapist" tool can be searched by location or specialty and provides a photograph, contact information, professional expertise, educational background, and more


  1. The site only includes therapists who have paid to be listed
  2. Listings are not representative of the practicing therapists in a given area
  3. Mental health overviews lack authors, dates of publication/review, and references


Sponsors / Affiliations: TherapyTribe, a for-profit membership organization

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Online therapist finder, support group finder, online support group

Languages: English