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Theravive helps visitors locate a therapist, but the service is limited by its small number of therapist listings. There is also mental health information on common issues treated by therapists, kinds of therapy, and disorders described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition (DSM-5). We cannot recommend this website for consumers given its limited database of therapists.

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Review Date: 6/26/2018


Ease of Use

Category tabs are clear and help users access the site's various tools. The homepage doesn't require much scrolling to see what the site offers. And the therapist finder is easy to use, allowing visitors to search by location or counseling speciality. All text articles are consistently formatted and divided into manageable sections with well-spaced, readable font.

Visual Design

The website is clear and straightforward, although visually it doesn't have much appeal. The design is outdated and clunky in many areas, with images that are too small or too big given the surrounding text.


The information on mental health conditions is helpful but superficial. Additionally, there may be individual or publication bias about treatments and research presented. The search is relevant to people seeking therapists with a specific set of beliefs, but the results for therapists in any location is not at all representative of the actual number available.


Aside from blog posts, the site's pages lack author names and dates. That means there is no way to verify who's responsible for writing/revising the health content. It's also difficult to find information about the Theravive organization and staff.


  1. Easy to browse
  2. Materials written for general readers
  3. Detailed information pulled from the authoritative DSM-5
  4. Helpful for people considering counseling


  1. Therapist finder excludes most therapists from any given area
  2. All pages lack author names and dates
  3. Sections occasionally overlap and become unclear
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Sponsors / Affiliations: Theravive, a for-profit marketing website for mental health therapists

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Therapist finder tool, virtual counseling, blog

Languages: English