Tooth Wisdom

Tooth Wisdom publishes articles about a variety of topics that provide basic information at the intersection of aging and oral health. The articles discuss general information about many topics, but do not explore any topic in great detail. This site is recommended as a good resource for learning about oral health in older adults.

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Review Date: 1/2/2020


Ease of Use

This well-organized website features a bold, accessible navigation bar at the top of each page that promotes each of the site's main components. Health content may be explored alphabetically or by major category such as "Preventive Care," "Paying for Care," and "Pain & Diseases." Despite using a Google-powered search bar, there is no option for sorting or filtering results. Otherewise this is a highly usable website.

Visual Design

The site's visual design isn't particularly good or bad. The font is large enough for older readers to see clearly, and the presence of bright graphics on each page helps enage the reader. But overall the website doesn't stand out.


This website provides blog-style posts about common dental health issues in older adults. These posts are written by dental professionals and offer quick explanations of topics so that readers can get a general sense of the most important points. However, the information is not referenced with source citations, so readers must rely on the author's expertise.


Authors names are provided on each post, sometimes with their dental degree listed, and occasionally with credentials. The blogs are recent, but informational articles are not dated. Oral Health America has launched and supported numerous programs, some in partnership with the federal government. GlaxoSmithKline is a major sponsor.


  1. Provides readable information for older adults and their caretakers about aging, oral health, dentures and appliances, diseases and conditions, etc.
  2. Engaging visual design filled with bright images
  3. Helpful dentist-locator tool allows users to browse dental schools, health departments, and dental clinics by location
  4. Extensive blog covering topics like hearing loss, nutrition, alcohol abuse, and more


  1. Categories contain a limited number of articles
  2. Materials are brief, and some lack important details
  3. The age of the information is not known
  4. Some links lead to dead pages


Sponsors / Affiliations: Oral Health America, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization established in 1955

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Links to other informative dental health sites, fact sheets, videos, quizzes, brief news coverage with a link to the original source, blog

Languages: English