U.S. Food and Drug Administration: For Women

This website devoted to women's health is produced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is a solid introduction to general women's health topics. The site provides free publications, links to relevant women's health programs, and other well-written materials geared toward a general audience. Although the site is updated frequently, information tends to be limited and coverage of topics is often too general. This site is recommended as a possible starting place for women's health information.

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Review Date: 5/14/2018


Ease of Use

The main page provides three section-specific menus, but it's unclear which one to try first. Health topics are listed in random order. Overall it's difficult to know what information is contained in this subsection of the FDA, and browsing is hampered by too many menus.

Visual Design

Bulleted topic categories are well-organized and feature blue text on white background that stands out. The site uses a colored background to distinguish sections with downloadable publications from other text-only areas. The design is professional and functional, though not necessarily engaging.


Even though the content does touch on common women's health issues, the information provided lacks depth and breadth. The site offers a limited view of women's health, and aside from the FDA itself, no individual references are given.


This U.S. government website is updated frequently. Dates of last review/update appear on each page, but some of the linked content is either two years out of date or not dated at all. Authors are not identified.


  1. Focus on women's health topics such as pregnancy, breast health, menopause, and healthy aging
  2. Subtopics in the Women's health section link to other credible resources within the FDA website


  1. Topics are not organized well or covered in sufficient depth
  2. Some of the drug topics do not provide adequate drug education
  3. The "Medication and Pregnancy" subsection does not list which drugs are safe or unsafe


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