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U.S. News Health - Best Hospitals provides annual top 50 rankings of hospitals and children's hospitals, including by speciality and procedure. The site may not be useful for most patients but is recommended for complicated patients or those with complex problems that are willing and able to travel.

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Review Date: 11/2/2018


Ease of Use

Users can search the site's listing of best hospitals by searching a hospital name, ZIP code, or by choosing a medical specialty/procedure. On the results page, a left-hand panel allows for further filtering. Additionally, results can be broken down alphabetically or by distance. Clicking on a hospital brings up a page with a lengthy list of scores, rankings, and ratings, which can be overwhelming. Otherwise, the website is easy to use.

Visual Design

The results page is visually engaging, but the pages displaying individual reviews are chaotic, with many elements vying for the reader's attention. There are also numerous advertisements within the results list that distract from the main content. Overall the website has a professional but busy design.


The website ranks hospitals using reliable quality measures. But the limited amount of data sources considerably restricts the populations sampled and diseases treated. Therefore the rankings may not apply to other types of patients.


Rankings are up to date within the 2017-2018 period. Most of the data is limited to patients with chronic disabilities or those at least 65 years old. Additionally, the rankings rely on surveys conducted by fellow physicians and cardiac patients, which further limits the universality of the rankings.


  1. Scores and ranks hospitals based on how each one handles specific specialties, procedures, and conditions
  2. Explains how hospital rankings are generated and how those components comprise an overall score
  3. Offers a credible listing of large hospitals that users can compare


  1. The ratings rely on only a few sources of data
  2. Some rankings are based solely on reputations determined by a physician survey


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