United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy educates, advocates, and provides access to local support services for people with a spectrum of disabilities. It is recommended as a comprehensive source of advocacy information for those with disabilities, caregivers, and policymakers. Though there is little information about cerebral palsy itself, there are links to additional information and many needed resources.

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Review Date: 5/31/2018


Ease of Use

The category tab "Explore Resources" houses the relevant content for patients and families. This tab is subtopic-heavy, but each page has at least a similar layout for consistency. Small chunks of text with many links in bright red font to other websites makes the content manageable to read.

Visual Design

The website features a professional and image-heavy homepage. Beyond that, most of the website is entirely text-based. Worse, the font is light gray and hard to read.


The website and its linked resources provide a wide range of information useful to people with disabilities and those who care for them. The information on the site is not referenced, and most educational content here is introductory. But there are excellent resources linked here that visitors can explore and use.


No authors cited, although a staff and board of directors is identified. Posting dates are present, but most dates of publication/review are over two years old, while some are missing entirely. Most of the information and credibility comes from external links to other websites.


  1. Excellent collection of external resources for living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities
  2. Links to detailed information for healthcare providers, individuals with disabilities, families, and caregivers
  3. No advertising or donation solicitations aside from a single "Donate Now" radio button
  4. Written content is easy to read


  1. Much of the health-related content is only introductory
  2. Information may be outdated


Sponsors / Affiliations: United Cerebral Palsy, an international nonprofit charity organization founded in 1949

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Disability assistance services finder, blog

Languages: English