University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Health Library

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's (UPMC) health library collects a wide range of patient education resources on general health issues, drugs, surgeries, and more. It is an excellent source of wide-ranging information about health from a respected authority in the field.

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Review Date: 10/4/2018


Ease of Use

The website offers links to audience-specific health materials, as well as links for common conditions, right from the Health Library's landing page. But the "Featured" topics seem chosen at random and can make finding specific information difficult. This difficulty is increased because the site's search bar pulls results from the entire UPMC website, not just its patient education materials.

Visual Design

UPMC does not provide a pleasant or engaging website for users. The stark white-and-purple color scheme offer little for the readers eye to follow. Materials are almost completely text-based; any images provided are stock quality and seem tacked on last minute.


The topics covered on the UPMC website are well-written, appropriately detailed, and provide meaningful information to a wide ranger of audiences. The site relies on high-quality sources of information that are also provided to readers. As far as comprehensiveness though, the website's organization makes it difficult to know how expansive the gaps are in this collection.


The website incorporates highly qualified authors and editors into its patient education materials. These credible authorities and excellent references make each topic relevant and reliable. Additionally, regular content reviews ensure that the content is accurate and in-line with evidence-based medicine.


  1. Wide range of reliable information about health and wellness, medical conditions, drugs, tests, procedures, and surgeries
  2. Additional sections with in-depth coverage of common medical problems
  3. Specific sections for men, women, seniors, and kids & teens


  1. A-to-Z index makes other topics difficult to pick out from the huge listing of medications
  2. Organization includes some non-intuitive sections that make topics difficult find
  3. Search function sometimes does not appear to return the most relevant results


Sponsors / Affiliations: University of Pittsburg Medical Center, a nonprofit healthcare enterprise

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, anatomy navigator, interactive health assessment tools

Languages: English