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UpToDate is recommended as a physician-level health information and research. This section allows patients and caregivers to search, but not browse, the consumer health content for information available for free. Although topics here are covered in good depth, most of the more detailed information is only available to subscribers.

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Review Date: 7/6/2018


Ease of Use

There are no category tabs or filters available for free users to organize available content. The only option available to find content is by using the site's search bar, which helpfully provides a comprehensive autofill function. However, there's not an effective way to sort and filter results on the website. Articles themselves are lengthy pages of text, although each is structured with topic headings and subsections for easy scanning.

Visual Design

This website is clearly aimed at professionals. It gets right to the point without extraneous visual information. The result, unfortunately, is a rather boring web design. Few colors are used, and no images to aid in the learning process. The articles available for free are only barely more styled than a bare wiki page.


UpToDate is one of the web's best sources of high quality, evidence-based health research. Visitors without paid subscriptions will be frustrated at the limited content available, but the quality is consistent. All articles are well-referenced with a level of research similar to what can be found in a medical journal. Numerous medical professionals are involved with each topic, including specialists.


Every article includes author names, section editors, and deputy editors, all of whom collaborate to produce site content. UpToDate makes sure to employ credentialed doctors and researchers to ensure credibility. Additionally, each page includes a "current through" date, as well as a “topic last updated” date. Sometimes these reviews are more than two years old, but for the most part they are current.


  1. A highly authoritative and trustworthy source of medical information
  2. Non-subscribers can search for a limited amount of information for free
  3. Easy to search and offers helpful information for many audiences


  1. Majority of content requires paid subscription
  2. No way to browse information by topic
  3. All articles are text-based without helpful multimedia resources
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Sponsors / Affiliations: UpToDate, Inc., an electronic clinical information company founded in 1992 and operating as a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.

Accreditations: None

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Languages: English