UrgentCareLocations is recommended as a comprehensive collection of more than 11,000 urgent care facilities organized by location. It offers descriptions of those facilities as well as driving directions, contact information, and usually the facility's days/hours of operation. A few facilities have limited user reviews as well.

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Review Date: 5/29/2018


Ease of Use

Large search bar finds urgent care locations by address, ZIP code, or city. A helpful feature is the "My Location" button which automatically finds the closest clinics. A dropdown filter sorts results by distance but also alphabetically. The "Urgent Care 101" category tab is not what to expect when visiting a clinic, but rather pulls up random articles about health concerns sorted by date.

Visual Design

The search bar is made the focal point of the homepage and is refreshingly large and detailed, with a splash of bright pink to attract the user to search. Disappointingly, content is presented in small gray font that is not easy to read. Individual urgent care profiles are simplistic but easy to scan.


The number of listed facilities is comprehensive and covers a large area of the U.S. Center profiles are also comprehensive and provide a detailed overview of the urgent care facility's address, hours, and sometimes quality. The website even verifies information with date of verification to ensure the information is accurate.


A majority of the urgent care locations have been verified by the site's staff and include the most recent date of verification. Although there isn't much information about the website's owners, this website appears to provide accurate collections of urgent care centers organized by location.


  1. By entering a ZIP code or address, readers can browse urgent or primary care centers, emergency rooms, and retail clinics within a 50 mile radius
  2. A majority of the locations have been verified by the site's staff and include the most recent date of verification
  3. Each facility listed includes a phone number, physical address and map, additional informaion about the site
  4. Most include days and hours of operation


  1. Patient rating are absent from many listings and most that are rated are based on few ratings


Sponsors / Affiliations: SolvHealth LLC, a for-profit urgent care locating service

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