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Urology Care Foundation

Urology Care Foundation website has a variety of articles that include overviews of common conditions, tests and procedures, and treatments. The resources available for patients and providers are easy to understand, intuitive to search, and medically accurate. This site is recommended for its comprehensive and reliable information related to urologic conditions, health, and research.

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Review Date: 5/18/2018


Ease of Use

The site has a clean layout and an easy-to-navigate organization scheme. The eight major categories featured are distinct from one another and accessible through the navigational tabs at the top of each page. Readers can search through the site's content by using these tabs or the search bar. Urological conditions can also be searched by "Affected Area" of the body and by "Who is Affected?"

Visual Design

Visitors will appreciate the professional design on Urology Care Foundation. Subtle but effective use of color, great use of headings/subheadings, and images throughout contribute to a simple but stylish website appropriate for all relevant audiences.


There is a wide range of accurate content about urologic conditions that include the kidneys, urinary tract, and nervous system. No references are given, but the website's information is sponsored and compiled by the premier organization of urology professionals. This website can stand alone as a go-to resource for urology health content.


No authorship is found on individual articles, but the physicians responsible for content are qualified urologists and members of the American Urological Association. Publication dates are given for blogs and other postings, but dates of last review/update do not appear on the articles.


  1. "Living Healthy" section providing recipes, lifestyle tips, and exercises for good urologic health
  2. Dozens of educational publications for patients and providers, many of which can be downloaded for free
  3. The blog section is updated regularly with relevant and engaging topics
  4. UrologyHealth magazine is informative, free, and available either online or can be mailed at no charge
  5. Helpful multimedia graphics appear alongside the easy-to-understand information provided across the site


  1. Patient education materials are not dated


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Urological Association, a professional association of urology professionals founded in 1902

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Magazine, patient guides, urologist finder, blogs, podcasts, video library

Languages: English

Contact: info@urologycarefoundation.org