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The doctor-finder tool, provided by U.S. News & World Report, allows visitors to search for doctors by ZIP code, specialty, or name. Information provided for each physician includes education, contact information, certifications, speciality, awards, and more. This tool is recommended as a good starting point for patients who want to locate doctors in their area.

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Review Date: 8/14/2018


Ease of Use

Searching for doctors is straightforward for virtually any audience. A menu at the top of the page allows visitors to skip straight to the information most relevant to them. And a helpful left-hand menu helps users narrow search results by criteria such as years of experience, insurances accepted, preferred gender, and more.

Visual Design

This well-designed website provides a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. Profiles of individual doctors are formatted nicely, segmenting content so that visitors can scan efficiently. Easy-to-read font, strategic use of color, and the incorporation of doctor photos when available give the website some flare without distracting readers.


This website provides a useful service for patients who want to find doctors near them and meeting other important criteria. It is unclear how U.S. News & World Reports gathers the profile information for doctors; it does, nevertheless, appear accurate. Few online resources aggregate so much information on practicing doctors.


There aren't any contributor names available on doctor profiles, and there's no way to tell how current the listed information is for each provider. The website relies on users to report inaccurate or outdated information. It is unclear how easy or successful this process is.


  1. Quick and easy searching for relevant doctors
  2. Provides hospital affiliation, areas of specialty, board certification, education, and the occasional photo
  3. Search bar allows visitors to filter results by several preferences


  1. Leaves out relevant medical providers, especially in rural areas
  2. Doesn't allow visitors to compare doctors by user-rating
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