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This recommended section of WebMD collects information on the thousands of medications available to the public today. Topics discussed included uses, side effects, precautions, interactions, overdose procedures, images, and user reviews. There is also informaton on vitamins & supplements, including uses, side effects, interactions, and dosing.

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Review Date: 5/21/2018


Ease of Use

WebMD's drug section provides an intuitive browsing experience. The search bar features a helpful autofill function allowing users to locate the desired medication. Information is consistently organized across the individual medication pages. To help readers scan information, each medication is segmented into several sections like "Uses," "Side Effects," "Precautions," "Interactions," "Overdose" and "Images."

Visual Design

Large font and small blocks of text with lots of white space in between should make the content easy to browse. Unfortunately an abundance of links distracts the reader's eye. Advertisements, thankfully, are confined to the sides of the pages. But overall the website doesn't have a great visual design.


This website accurately covers FDA-approved drugs along with vitamins, supplements, and herbal preparations. The information is well-referenced and very helpful to anyone interested. Even the information on supplements and herbal preparations uses high quality evidence.


Other than a general statement about a staff of physicians, medical journalists, and health reporters being responsible for content, individual articles do not list authors/editors. Drug and medication articles have review dates, but vitamin and supplements articles do not. WebMD could provide slightly more information in order to increase this section's credibility.


  1. Comprehensive information on specific drugs, vitamins, and supplements
  2. Incorporates user reviews to provide personality and include unstudied side effects
  3. Part of WebMD, whose content is up-to-date, sourced by medical experts, and frequently reviewed
  4. Very simple to browse and use


  1. Lots of advertising and links to specific products
  2. Authors/editors for individual articles are not listed
  3. Articles about vitamins and supplements do not have review dates


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