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Web MD - Fitness & Exercise is worth visiting for its helpful information on the effects & benefits of exercise, how to establish an exercise routine, setting fitness goals, risky exercises & avoiding injury, and 23 sports injuries. Other aspects of exercise covered include, routines to become lean, managing weight, increasing strength, advice on specific conditions, such as high heat or cold weather, and nutritional considerations. This section is recommended as a good starting point for people interested in an understanding of fitness & exercise.

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Review Date: 4/15/2019


Ease of Use

The homepage has a brief overview and provides a subtopic list that allows users to narrow their search. Content does not always present logically because related articles, blogs, message boards, and advertisements are mixed throughout. Subtopic organization seems random. Further, nested links send users deeper and deeper into searches without an easy return to the landing page. While the information here is patient-centered and educational, the site is one of the more difficult medical websites to navigate.

Visual Design

The pages are cluttered with a flurry of lists, articles, tools, and advertisements that clog the browsing experience. The reader's eye wanders all over the page due to the multiple areas for exploration. Worse, some of those choices are not specific to fitness & exercise. Large font and small chunks of text with lots of white space in between should make the content easy to read, but like the rest of WebMD, this section is not very visually pleasing.


Users will discover that individual topics in this section are detailed, but adding a wider scope of topics would increase the usefulness of website. There is a general statement that the content is based on recent evidence and practice. Better yet, all content is referenced and reviewed by medical professionals, many of whom are specialists. Some topics are explored in more depth than others and users could find fitness & exercise sites with a broader prospective.


All site content is authored & reviewed by a qualified staff of physicians, medical journalists, and health reporters. Even with such a large amount of information, WebMD makes sure its content is credible with extensive referencing & review by subject area experts and regular updates. This section carries all the authority and credibility associated with WebMD, so visitors can be sure they are receiving high-quality information & recommendations to properly exercise & increase fitness.


  1. Helpful information on the effects & benefits of exercise, how to establish an exercise routine, and setting fitness goals
  2. Additional information on injuries and injury prevention
  3. Descriptions of various exercise routines with suggested alterations for specific reasons, such as endurance, losing weight, or increasing strength
  4. Easy to read and understand for users


  1. Many topics lack the detail to be very useful
  2. Pages are cluttered with commercial advertisements and links to news and additional information
  3. Searching keywords returns an overwhelming number of results, many are irrelevant, which cannot be filtered
  4. Need to navigate multiple sections and pages per topic and link to other articles to get an overall/more complete picture


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