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WebMD's "Healthy Aging" section focuses on general health and wellness issues for people aged 50 years or older. Topics covered here include the aging process, preventative care, fitness and exercise, palliative care, and more. There is also information on many other relevant issues like health insurance and Medicare, caregiving, advance directives, retirement, and planning for the future.

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Review Date: 11/15/2018


Ease of Use

The landing page has a brief topic overview and provides a subtopic list that allows users to narrow their search. Content does not always present logically because related articles, blogs, message boards, and advertisements are mixed throughout. Subtopic organization seems random. Further, nested links send users deeper and deeper into searches without an easy return to the landing page.

Visual Design

Pages are cluttered with a disorganized jumble of lists, articles, tools, and advertisements that clog the browsing experience. The reader's eye wanders all over the page due to the multiple areas for exploration. Large font and small chunks of text with lots of white space in between should make the content easy to read. But like the rest of WebMD, this section is not very visually pleasing.


Seniors and family members who want to learn more about the aging process will find excellent content here. The information has excellent depth and detail that will benefit most seniors. All the site's content is based on sound scientific evidence and reviewed by medical professionals. Some topics are explored in more depth than others, but this section has a wealth of information and resources to support healthy aging.


The site's content is updated often and reviewed by a qualified staff of doctors, medical professionals, and health reporters. Readers can be assured that the information presented is credible and will help them understand many of the health issues specific to aging.


  1. Detailed information heling seniors understand and manage most aspects of aging
  2. Articles go into a good amount of depth while also providing additional links to explore further
  3. Helpful information about hearing aids, monitoring eye health, and mobility assistance devices


  1. Seniors will need to consult other websites or WebMD's condition-specific pages for information specific to health conditions
  2. Pages are cluttered with commercial advertisements and links to news and additional information
  3. Searching keywords returns an overwhelming number of results, many irrelevant, which cannot be filtered


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