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WebMD's "Health & Baby" sections covers many issues relevant to baby health including nutrition and feeding, development, sleeping, routine care, immunizations, and much more. There are also links to information about common problems like teething, crying, colic, jaundice, etc.

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Review Date: 11/14/2018


Ease of Use

The landing page of this WebMD subsection gives a brief overview and provides a list of topics that allow users to narrow their searching. Lots of links to "related" articles, blogs, message boards, and advertisements clutter the content and distract the reader. Additionally, the organization of subtopics seems random.

Visual Design

The reader's eye is constantly barraged with different links to explore. Large font and small groups of text with lots of white space in between should make the content easy to read. However, like the rest of WebMD, this section is not very visually pleasing.


This section adequately covers baby care and common problems. However, other than sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the site's choice of serious conditions seems arbitrarily limited. Thankfully all the site's content is referenced with research citations and reviewed by medical professionals, many of them specialists. Some topics are explored in more depth than others, but families will find everything they need to care for their new baby.


All site content is authored and reviewed by a qualified staff of physicians, medical professionals, and health reporters. Even with such a large amount of information, WebMD makes sure its content is credible with extensive referencing and review by subject area experts.


  1. Covers topics about many common problems and a few serious conditions
  2. Helpful sections on dental care, parenting skills, and vaccinations
  3. Links to additional information and important resources


  1. Scope of the section is limited to common problems and four serious conditions
  2. Pages are cluttered with commercial advertisements and links to news and additional information
  3. Searching keywords returns an overwhelming number of results
  4. Information is scattered and navigation to multiple sections needed to get a complete picture


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