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WebMD's women's health section provides a broad view of general health and wellness issues specifically for women. Conditions like menopause and breast disease are covered as well as information on diet and exercise, stress, and reproductive health.

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Review Date: 11/15/2018


Ease of Use

The landing page organizes women's health information under a few different headers that seem randomly chosen. The topics singled out for emphasis also seem arbitrary, so users may have difficulty finding the desired information.

Visual Design

The design is professional but cluttered. There are countless intrusive advertisements, links to "related" articles, tools, and WebMD content that clog the page. Most subtopics appear to incorporate at least one image or interactive element. Otherwise pages here are busy.


Readers can expect to find a wide range of reliable and detailed information about many aspects of women's health. All content is referenced and reviewed by medical professionals, many of whom are specialists. Some topics are explored in more depth than others, and the section would be improved by a wider range of topics. But overall this is quality women's health information to begin with.


WebMD has many measures in place to ensure the site's content remains credible, including frequent review by subject area experts. Readers can find links to research citations to verify claims on their own.


  1. Detailed information about many common women's health issues
  2. Highly informative material is balanced alongside more consumer-friendly content
  3. Easy-to-read explanations of common and specialized topics alike


  1. Women will need to consult other websites for information specific to individual diseases
  2. Pages are cluttered with commercial advertisements and links to news and additional information
  3. Searching keywords returns an overwhelming number of results, many of which are irrelevant, without any filtering options


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