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Dr. Weil's website provides education, information, products, and services based on the principles of integrative medicine, combining mainstream medical and alternative therapies. Users can find information on health and wellness, nutrition, and vitamins as well as tips for healthy aging. The site is recommended for anyone interested in integrative and alternative medicine, with the understanding that some basic wellness and dietary information relates to alternative options that are outside the science-based medical consensus.

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Review Date: 1/2/2020


Ease of Use

The auto-complete search bar is comprehensive and sorts articles by relevance or publication date. However, the results may not appear in order, often including many non-relevant articles. It is difficult to get to specific information by browsing due to the disorganized arrangement of articles. The website is much better suited to exploratory browsing than it is for finding specific information.

Visual Design

Visually, Dr. Weil's website is professional and for the most part appealing. The site features plenty of sharp graphics and a subtle use of color. Unfortunately many of the pages are cluttered with advertisements that promote different functions of the site.


The content is largely restricted to integrative medicine with an emphasis on alternative therapies. Informational articles and blogs are rarely referenced. Answers to questions frequently quote a limited number of studies to support the answer, reflecting a good deal of bias.


Some content is written by the website's backer Andrew Weil, M.D., a specialist in integrative medicine. Other content appears to be written by other non-credited authors. Informational articles, Blogs and Q&A show posting dates and new ones are being written. Despite this, there is no evidence that content pages are updated regularly. Visitors should note that Dr. Weil promotes alternative medical therapies that are outside of mainstream medicine.


  1. Consumer-focused materials free of medical jargon


  1. Limited scope of information that seems disorganized and arbitrary
  2. Significant commercial ties to Dr. Weil products/services promoted across the site
  3. The site's main backer, Dr. Weil, is a celebrity physician who has generated a good deal of criticism and controversy since the 1970s
  4. The site promotes alternative medical therapies that can be considered unverified at best, misleading/dangerous at worst
  5. Significant health details on aging can only be accessed via paid subscription


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