HealthWeb Navigator publishes in-depth reviews of health-related websites. Our mission is to connect you with accurate, easy-to-read, and up-to-date health information.

Our diverse team of medical professionals and usability experts rate the web’s most popular health websites in terms of accuracy, currency, and user-experience. Learn more about how we review websites on the Our Review Process page.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Which health websites can I trust?” you’ve come to the right place.

Our Motivation

The world runs on likes, comments, and shares.

Websites compete for clicks, profiting even if their information isn’t true — sometimes because it isn’t true. Search engines rank popular and well-designed websites without judging their accuracy. On social media, false stories spread six times faster than the truth.

It’s harder than ever to find high quality, reliable information.

Celebrity rumors and satirical news have little impact on daily life. But untrue health information can literally put lives in danger, create unnecessary costs, or both.

That’s why we created HealthWeb Navigator.

Who We Are

Dr. Mark A. Kelley imagined HealthWeb Navigator while studying at the Harvard Leadership Institute in 2014. Partnering with NeedyMeds — a leading nonprofit dedicated to helping patients save money on their healthcare costs — HealthWeb Navigator has since published hundreds of reviews and undergone several major changes to best serve the public.

Our reviews are written collaboratively by a team of medical professionals from across the nation. These expert reviewers have backgrounds in clinical practice, research, patient advocacy, business management, and public policy. We have between 50 and 70 different reviewers remotely working on our project at any time.

HealthWeb Navigator’s full-time editorial staff emphasizes clarity, usefulness, and detail within each review we publish. The editorial board is composed of:

Mark A. Kelley, M.D. 
Project Founder

An internist and pulmonary specialist, Mark A. Kelley, M.D. is a faculty member at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He was also a physician leader at the University of Pennsylvania Health System in Philadelphia and the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan. He has extensive experience in patient care, both as a clinician and the leader of physician practices.

Richard Sagall, M.D.
Project Leader

Richard Sagall, M.D., practiced family medicine and occupational medicine for 25 years in Bangor, ME and Philadelphia, PA before deciding to work full time for NeedyMeds. He, along with Libby Overly, a medical social worker, started NeedyMeds in 1997 as a source of information on pharmaceutical patient assistance program. Dr. Sagall has written articles for many magazines and publishes Pediatrics for Parents, a children’s health newsletter.

Michael Woods, M.D.
Project Manager

Michael Woods, M.D., received his medical degree from Tufts University and completed a pediatric residency at Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania. He practiced pediatrics for 27 years in Maine and Massachusetts. Before joining HealthWeb Navigator he was the editor of Consumer Health information at EBSCO in Ipswich, MA.


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