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Frequently Asked Questions

The HealthWeb Navigator Site

How to use our website.

HealthWeb Navigator connects users with expert insight on the world’s most-searched-for health websites. Our collection contains hundreds of unique reviews, and more are added  every day.

There are several ways to search our collection of reviews. You can:

Enter an individual search term in the search bar like “cancer,” “insurance,” or “heart” to find relevant websites related to that keyword.



Choose one of our topic keywords to find all the websites categorized under that topic.


Combine multiple keywords like “cancer” AND “drugs” AND “insurance” to locate only those reviews that contain all the terms together.


Enter the name of a specific website like “WebMD” or “MedlinePlus”.


Choose one of the eight most popular topics on our homepage’s pinwheel to find see what other users are searching.


Our homepage also promotes the most recently published reviews so you can stay up-to-date on all our latest postings.


Feel free to check out our blog while you’re here, which we update on a regular basis. We are always open to guest posts or topic requests. Additionally, if we haven’t reviewed a website you’re curious about, let us know on our Submit A Site page!

Questions? Shoot us an email at info@healthwebnav.org.

Do I have to register and login to use HealthWeb Navigator?

HealthWeb Navigator does not require users to register with the site before use. The information we provide is available free of charge and can be accessed on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Can I get notified if you add more sites?

Users will soon be able to choose from a list of general categories of websites featured on HealthWeb Navigator and receive email updates whenever an applicable site is added. If users can identify a category that we have not yet listed on the website, please feel free to contact us at info@healthwebnav.org.

You don't review a site that I feel should be reviewed.

We are continuously looking for medical websites, new and old, to add to HealthWeb Navigator. If you have a site that you would like our expert reviewers to consider for inclusion on our website, please visit our Submit A Site page to send us your thoughts.

Do you cover international sites?

HealthWeb Navigator focuses on information and services that address the healthcare needs of consumers in the United States. However, we also review international websites that meet that standard.

What are some features or areas of interest you offer?

Although we are constantly adding new subject areas to our database of medical websites, users will find that many of the most common health topics are dealt with on HealthWeb Navigator. We generate and expand the scope of our subject areas from a combination of market data and our own independent research. Featured topics include but are not limited to adult medicine, cardiology, mental health, pediatrics, selecting/evaluating care, insurance/healthcare costs, surgery, and many more. Our website also includes an active blog, links to social media, and individualized ratings and reviews of medical resources.

I encountered a problem or error when using the site.

Please contact webmaster@healthwebnav.org if you find yourself encountering any errors, whether technical or informational.

I have additional questions that aren't addressed here.

We are pleased to hear your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email us at info@healthwebnav.org with any questions, comments, or concerns.


What sort of sites do you review?

HealthWeb Navigator reviews websites dedicated to various aspects of health and medical topics. Among our collection users will find general informational sites, resources for specific diseases and conditions, news outlets, support groups, insurance enrollment tools, and many more. We hope to make our collection of health resources as diverse and inclusive as possible so as to best serve consumers.

Do you provide reviews of hospitals and other healthcare facilities?

We do not review individual healthcare facilities, nor the medical professionals who staff them. However, we do evaluate websites that provide hospital and physician reviews.

What is the review process?

Please visit our Review Process Page to learn more about how HealthWeb Navigator conducts reviews.

How often are websites reviewed?

Our staff reviews websites on an annual basis to ensure each site maintains credibility and accuracy.

What does the star rating on each site mean?

The star scoring system is based on a scale of 1 through 5. To give more precision to the scores, we use the following guidelines:

5 stars – Outstanding, among the best.

4 stars – Very good, much better than average.

3 stars – Acceptable, but not exceptional.

2 stars – Below average, of minimal value.

1 star – Fails to meet expectation, unacceptable.


Who are your reviewers?

Our reviewer pool comprises a mix of physicians and other medical professionals, trained web users, retired educators, healthcare advocates, etc. While our paid staff also contributes to the review process, we rely mostly on our dedicated volunteers to conduct those reviews featured on HealthWeb Navigator.

How can I become a reviewer?

Our reviewer training process is simple and informative. If you are interested in evaluating health websites in terms of medical content or usability experience, please visit our Reviewer Overview page to learn more about volunteering with HealthWeb Navigator.

Do I have to be 18 years or older to review sites?

Yes, to qualify for contribution to HealthWeb Navigator, all reviewers must be 18 years or older.

I want to be a reviewer but I want to review sites anonymously.

Reviewers with HealthWeb Navigator submit their reviews anonymously; when posted to our website, these reviews do not contain any personal information associated with the reviewer including but not limited to display names, emails, or educational credentials.

Can I review both usability and content for a site?

Absolutely, although only medical professionals will be able to evaluate websites for both content and usability. Reviewers without medical training will be responsible for conducting usability reviews.

I'm a reviewer but I want to change the number of reviews I get.

If a reviewer wants to change the amount of monthly assignments they receive they can contact our staff at info@healthwebnav.org to increase or decrease their commitment or adjust their time frame for returning reviews.

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