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Your Guide to Medical Websites

How Websites Are Reviewed


Our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased reviews that are useful in helping you decide which websites are best for your needs. We uphold a rigorous process to ensure consistency in our reviews.


Each of our volunteer reviewers are required to complete an online training program. Our reviews are based on the well-known and respected T.R.A.A.P. Test for evaluating websites.

We have two types of reviewers: content and usability.



The process begins with our staff who select websites for review. We balance our selection to cover a wide range of topics. We also consider websites suggested by our users.

Reviews are then assigned to content and usability reviewers based upon the reviewer’s interests and training. Each reviewer spends time analyzing the website following content and usability guidelines to ensure uniformity of reviews. Next the reviewers complete a review form, ranking various aspects of the website using a one-to-five star system and explaining their conclusions with written commentary.

Areas of Review


Ease of Use

Appropriateness for Intended Audience




Depth of Content

Visual Appeal



Once all the reviews are completed the results are combined by our specially trained staff into a single cohesive review and star rating. Any discrepancies or disagreements among reviewers are resolved by our review board. The final review and star rating is then posted to our website.

We monitor websites for significant changes that may require us to do a new review. All websites are re-evaluated annually.

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